And So This Is Christmas…..

WATCH THIS PLAY PUT TOGETHER BY OUR VERY OWN LCP TEAM Heyyyy Guys and Girls!!! A year sure goes by fast eh? Well, in a blink of an eye, it's Christmas again. And what does that mean? Christmas music!!! Woop Woop! So over the years, my piano partners and I have put together multiple ways…Read more And So This Is Christmas…..


Favorite Composers

Have you ever wondered where the music comes from? And how the person created the music? How was that person feeling? Below are mine and 2 students opinions on their favorite composer.   Susan Le My favorite composer is Franz Liszt. His songs are so challenging and that's what I like about him. Not only…Read more Favorite Composers

My 7 Year Old Self-Scary

My first recital at age 7 Alrightie, so I've decided to take this back way way way back, to my first ever piano recital. Now, I have spotted memory of my performance, but at least I still remember. Better than nothing right? It was on the day of my performance, I still couldn't play my…Read more My 7 Year Old Self-Scary