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Hi guys! Today I am going to teach you how to properly play scales. I don't consider myself as a master of technique (scales/hanon/arpeggios), but I have quite the experience. Now to begin with, practicing technique is not something to get excited about. The only reason why it is important is because this is the…Read more Scales/Hanon/Arpeggios


I have sometimes wondered about how one day, my piano school can just collapse. It is possible. A few months ago Caesar Palace and the hotels associated with it just declared bankruptcy. That very thing can happen to my piano school, and I don't know how to prevent it. Little Chopin Piano School is like…Read more Why???

Recent Activities

Susan Le- Performance VIDEO #1 VIDEO #2 IS THE COMMERCIAL I've been thinking... thinking about how lucky young children are. They have so much free time and they don't have to deal with the stress of taking tests and quizzes every other day. The biggest problem I see with children is that they complain.…Read more Recent Activities

Disney TAKE THIS QUIZ BY CLICKING THE VIDEO!!! COMMENT BELOW ON HOW WELL YOU DID!!! Music isn't just classical. That'd be boring. Music can be pop, rap, jazz, lyric, broadway etc... I've decided to go with Disney. Disney occupies most of our childhood, like picking out that one princess that you just can't live without,…Read more Disney