The Interview of A True Musician (featuring Megan Pham)

There are an incredible amount of young musicians in Southern California. I'm very lucky to be friends with a few of them. Recently, I got a chance to interview one of them, Megan Pham. I got to know her back in 2nd grade. Ever since then, we have been great friends. Today, we have been…Read more The Interview of A True Musician (featuring Megan Pham)



The reason why I want to write this today is because I am very thankful for all the people who helped me on the way. I remember going all the way back to the beginning of the year, which was 2016. It was a normal lesson day at my piano school. I was practicing my…Read more 2017 CAMPT VIII OC

My 7 Year Old Self-Scary

My first recital at age 7 Alrightie, so I've decided to take this back way way way back, to my first ever piano recital. Now, I have spotted memory of my performance, but at least I still remember. Better than nothing right? It was on the day of my performance, I still couldn't play my…Read more My 7 Year Old Self-Scary

A Start To My Piano Life   MY EXPERIENCE¬† It's perfectly normal to get stage-fright. Almost everyone feels it. You start to shake like mad, develop sweaty palms, and stumble on what you are performing. You may even end up forgetting your piece. There are many methods; however, to stop this from happening on stage. One way is meditation,…Read more A Start To My Piano Life