I have sometimes wondered about how one day, my piano school can just collapse. It is possible. A few months ago Caesar Palace and the hotels associated with it just declared bankruptcy. That very thing can happen to my piano school, and I don’t know how to prevent it. Little Chopin Piano School is like a second home to me. I practically camp out there during the summer. What will I do if the school closes?!? How will I be able to learn piano?!?

I know that now Little Chopin Piano is declining. My fears, my nightmares have become true. After our school had a student that won for us the first international piano competition, our head principal had started to slack off. She didn’t teach us anymore. When it came to our lesson days, she would come up with all these weird excuses to not teach us. Then, when it came time to competitions, she would expect us to win!! How can we win if we don’t have anybody to check our song, and to help guide us to perform the song better? That idea is just insane to me.

I also know that the top student at Little Chopin Piano just quit. He didn’t quit because he was busy with school or anything. He quit because he was mad at the head teacher. You tell me the reason why. The head teacher would not be committed to teaching him as well as before anymore. Also, he even got blamed for making a mistake when accompanying for another student during a competition. Where’s the thank you?? Now, he will probably find a better school to go to and learn piano there.

But I can’t figure out how the head teacher does not understand the current situation. When he left, all she said was, “Oh, we all miss him, but apparently he doesn’t care for us….Oh, he’s moving to a much worse school.” How can she still have a great sense of pride after slacking off to the point where she even lost her top student?! That makes no sense! After he left, I believed that she would have had to come back to her senses and teach us properly again. But no! Earlier the other day, she even asked us to go to the beach with her. She didn’t even teach me!!

Even so, I will always keep in mind that no matter how bad this school gets, I will always stay by my teacher’s side. My goal is to finish piano, and probably even minor in piano. I do believe that there is no better school than Little Chopin. All this school really needs is a wake up call. A wake up call to alert everyone and create a fresh new start. I think a make-over or some remodeling might be the starting point to some change. The change will hopefully lead to success.

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