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I’ve been thinking… thinking about how lucky young children are. They have so much free time and they don’t have to deal with the stress of taking tests and quizzes every other day. The biggest problem I see with children is that they complain. I don’t get what they have to complain about. My parents always told me that nothing in life is easier than being a student. All you have to do is study, eat, and sleep. Especially children in elementary school. In my generation, I grew up with technology still being really new. I didn’t get to use a chromebook until 7th and 8th grade. Students in 4th and 5th grade can now type faster than me! I had a flip phone in 7th grade. This girl in my piano school has an IPhone 7! I don’t ever remember complaining once in all my elementary school days. When I see the younger children now, I’m saddened because they have everything they need, yet they don’t seem to be happy.

In my blog today, I will briefly show you three days of my daily routine. Most children at my age quit piano because they don’t have time, or they are lazy. I am not like them, I do not want to quit, ever.


I’m very lucky to have late start at my high school. I get a little more extra sleep time. Mondays are like a vacation day to me. My teachers hate giving quizzes and tests on Mondays so I know that I will never have to worry on Mondays. Piano school also closes on Monday, so I also get a break.


School starts at 7:53 A.M on a normal school day. Tuesdays tend to be the day that I have most tests. These days can trigger the stress hormone in most kids. I try to stay away from it though. I know that stress can make me age, and it can destroy my brain cells. Therefore, I’m always optimistic. Staying positive and optimistic will not only help you to stay away from stress, but it will also help you perform very well on your test. When you are happy, it helps the brain to stay relaxed. You won’t feel the pressure and anxiety when taking a test that way. Afterschool, I have piano. Most of my whole day is dedicated to the piano. I arrive at 3:30 and leave at 9:00 P.M everyday. I do get tired, but I don’t let that wear me down. When I at my piano school and I can’t play a song properly. I tell myself, “Everything will be okay”. And it really is. If I take everything slow and steady, eventually I will accomplish everything I need. The word “quit” is not in my vocabulary.


Whew! “Long-Day-Saturday” is what I call it. I wake up at 9:00 A.M and I’m at the piano studio by 10:00 A.M. I leave at 8:00 P.M. On Friday, I have to schedule with all my piano partners. At piano school on Saturday, I can’t guarentee that everything will work out. I know that An might sleep late, or Aldric might be stuck in traffic, or Megan might fall ill. I constantly have to work around the clock to reschedule. This is very stressful, but since it is on a weekly basis, I try to stay away from anger and stress because it will affect my health.

I recently recorded a song and a commercial, which took about 4 hours. I am very proud with the end result of both. Above are the links to my performance and the commercial.

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