Music isn’t just classical. That’d be boring. Music can be pop, rap, jazz, lyric, broadway etc… I’ve decided to go with Disney. Disney occupies most of our childhood, like picking out that one princess that you just can’t live without, or taking out on the toughest villain to plant a punch on their face. The world of Walt Disney sparks imagination and creativity. There’s a special warmth that you feel when you watch or listen to something Disney related. There is something that, to me, pops out the most. Obviously, it’s the beautiful soundtracks of the Disney movies. Let me tell you, it’s not just kids who you can hear singing the lyrics of the songs, you can catch adults humming or whistling to the tunes of the songs as well. It’s that magical.

Okay, let’s talk about the quiz now. Those of you who knew all the songs and got 100% on it, great job! Bravo! Those of you who did eh not so well on it, well, I just want you to know that I’m not criticizing you. Oh, that’d be the last thing I’d do. I just thought of this as something fun and a good refresher. If you’re stressed out, maybe the music can help heal you, your mind and soul. My point is if you’re ever tired, or at the point that you just want to have a mental breakdown; turn on some music. The music can be music that you’ve listened to when you were a baby, or simply soothing music that won’t get too distracting, like classical for instance. I would really appreciate if you guys take the quiz and comment below on how well you did. It will motivate me for more quizzes and ideas in the future!

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