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Sorry for the really long wait. I’ve been pondering great ideas to share with you guys. I have gathered together for you some of the best of the best songs that I have personality practiced, or that the songs are just too great to miss! I noticed that I’ve talked about solos and composers of solo, but I’ve never talked about a non-solo song. It’s time for duos and duets; and if you’re more advanced, then concertos. Throughout my music experience, I have played many songs that have moved me so much to the point where I can’t possibly let go. Isn’t music so powerful that way?  It gives me the chills already! Oof!

Okay so this was my very first song with a long time duet partner. With this song, we have won the Fullerton duo and duet competition. Some of you might be curious as to why is this song so special? When the two melodies are put together, they are mixed beautifully to create one smoothly flowing song. This piece is lively and full of national character. Inspired by the Hungarian dances, this piece was created to become a widespread success. I recommend duet couples to perform this piece for their next concert. The audience will love it!

This was the second piece that my partner and I competed with. One of the most famous Chinese duet piece. This song is not that challenging to play, and it’s a very joyful piece. Playing this stunning piece takes you in the depths of the Chinese culture and spirit. Enjoy! I know you’ll love this song.

Ahhhh very well, my first concerto. Pretty challenging, but very unique and worthy to practice. The orchestra part is epic. The octaves in the accompany and the main melody just brings out the song to a whole new level. This song ensures us hope and enlightment for future things to come. But don’t be mistakened. This song also has a part where you can just feel the steams of anger being expressed. This concerto was created when the composer was on a trip to Italy, so much of the parts in the song has an influence on Italian culture.

 I have accompanied this song for my partner. If you want to go super classical, then here’s a great song. It’s a very powerful song, with lots of sorrow and distress. If you’re looking for a song to pour out your emotions, then you’ve come to the right song. This concerto one of the two that the composer first wrote in a minor scale. This piece is a fairly hard song with lots of technical runs and trills.

Fantasy On The Themes of Bizet’s Carmen

Listen here. You can’t miss it. You should play this piece no matter what. This is a quartet, but it’s the best out of the best quartets there are. This piece is straight out from George Bizet’s “Opera”. The music of Carmen has been widely acclaimed for brilliance of melody, harmony, atmosphere, and orchestration, and for the skill with which Bizet musically represented the emotions and suffering of his characters. It’s a stunningly well developed piece. I loved every part of the song. Words can’t describe how beautiful this song is. Practice it. Perform it. Win it.


Kk, last and final one I will recommend. It’s Beethoven! Well some of you might ask, “What about that really famous Beethoven concerto #5?” True, true that is a good song, but too many people play it. I’d say the second most popular Beethoven concerto is this one. When you play it, you get a feeling of royalty. Today, the work is widely performed and recorded, and is considered to be one of the central works of the piano concerto literature.

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